Forest Ridge Park Workday #1


First Forest Ridge pollinator garden work day, 12 noon on Thursday November 9th.

Additional photos from Raleigh Parks and Recreation can be found here

Two views of the pathways after things dried out a bit:



Park Location


On Oct. 18 Debbie and Pat met with Gretchen Sedaris from Raleigh Parks.  Gretchen is the one who helps plan what goes in to each park.  We discussed the plants needed, and who would supply them.  Raleigh Parks has set aside $500 for plants for this project, and Debbie has sources for many of the plants, as well.  Pat will be planting some seeds at home to grow over the winter.  The garden will be sprayed for weeds, then tilled and the soil enriched.  Nov. 6 is the projected date to place the decorative rocks.  Gretchen will choose them from the Raleigh Parks supply, and help place them on that day.  Then we can choose a planting day.  We will also be mulching the garden after we do the plantings.  There will be 5 separate flower areas, separated by T shaped , 6 foot wide paths.  We are planning for pollinating areas, feeding areas for birds, and cover for wildlife, plus a wet area for salamanders, etc.  Gretchen is very excited about this project and hopes to use “our” garden as an example for other groups in the future.  Eventually there may be a kiosk with the garden plan on it, identifying the plants and purposes of the garden.  Please contact Debbie or Pat and Herb if you have any questions or comments.

The Forest Ridge Garden is beginning to take shape!  John Bento, the gardener for the parks, has already placed the large rocks.  Raleigh City Parks is going to pay for edgings for the paths and obtain the wood chips for the paths.  Thursday, November 9, has been chosen for a work day to install the edgings and wood chips.  John Bento will be directing the work.  It will begin at 12 noon.  We need volunteers to help on that day – at least 6, and more would be great.   Please let Herb and Pat Amyx, or Debbie  know if you  are able to help.  Debbie has volunteer forms if you have not filled one out already.  People who are not members of Neuse River Hawks can also help.  They just need to complete the city park volunteer forms.

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