Public Lands Day

2018 National Public Lands Day Saturday, Sept 29 ~ 9 am – Noon. The Wake Forest Greenways Advisory Board (GAB) celebrates National Public Lands Day on Saturday, Sept. 29, from 9 am-noon by hosting a community-wide “Day of Service.”

Per Suzette Morales from the Greenways Advisory Board :

Thank you for your group’s interest in volunteering! If each person could register then that would be great and they can bring a signed liability form with them on the day of the clean-up. The same for the high school group as well so that I can prepare supplies.

Visit their site here for more information.

Per Debbie Ludas:

We would like to send volunteers for that event. We also had a group contact us that may want to help from Wake Forest High School. They are the Interact group from the school.

If there is information that I should send to our group, Let me know. We may have another event that day, so we will have to divide our group.

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